Ortho Mattress explained

Ortho Mattress explained

What exactly is an ortho mattress? Which mattress is good for back? Are all mattress which claim to be Ortho mattress, good for back?


Physiotherapists and Chiropractors recommend a firm mattress for a healthy back. Firmness is a relative term and depends on the physicality of a person. Ortho mattress means it has to be firm for your specific physicality and body type. A medium firm mattress might be firm for an underweight person.  


If someone has a stiff back and has an above average weight, a firm and hard mattress might be an ideal choice for back. A mattress made of Bonded foam (Rebond foam) or High Density Rubberized Coir, might provide the desired firmness.


If someone is of a medium build and height, and is of middle age, a medium firm mattress might provide optimum support to your back. A mattress made of Bonded foam (Rebond Foam) as support layer and Natural Latex or High Resilience foam as top layer might provide the requisite firmness.


If you are medium build but active and younger in age, a mattress made of Bonded foam with HD foam or Soft Foam as top layer might be ideal for back.

For a slim and physically fit person might find comfort in a mattress made with HR foam as support layer and a top layer of  soft foam or memory foam. A mattress made with Bonded foam might seem too hard.

So, choice of a mattress which is good for your back, depends on height, weight, age, and any back related issues. Thus, it is very difficult to generalize any one mattress as an ortho mattress.

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