Useful details on Bonded Foam

Useful details on Bonded Foam

In this article we discuss Bonded Foam, or what’s also referred as Rebond Foam.

Rebond foam or Bonded Foam looks like the image below:

 Bonded Foam

Bonded foam is used like a support layer in mattresses. Its very hard and thus, is considered to be good for back.

Bonded foam is made with foam scraps. During the process of mattress production, the leftover foam from corners of a foam sheet or unused sheets etc. are shredded into uniform sized grains. The grain size are generally a few centimeters in dimension. These grains are then mixed with an adhesive or glue. The grains are then compressed in hydraulic press with Tonnes of weight and cured in heat. What comes out are blocks of Bonded Foam. These are then cut into sheets of uniform thickness.

Since bonded foam are made in such high pressure condition, they are hard and mattress made with them are good for back. Bonded foam is available in different densities. Normally, 90-100 Density hardness sheets provide a good back support.

Good Bonded foam sheets have a good binding of sheets. The foam grains used in these are foams of good quality and grade. Good quality foam fragments stick well and it is evident from the edges of the bonded foam sheet. The edges are clean and sharp for bonded sheets made with good quality foam. Quality of bonded foam also depends on the size of the grains. Optimally size small grains generally bind well.

Above factors should be considered while purchasing a bonded foam based mattress.

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