Why is Natural Latex Mattress a good Ortho Mattress?

Why is Natural Latex Mattress a good Ortho Mattress?

Natural Latex is derived from the sap of a Rubber tree. Rubber has intrinsic qualities of strength, resilience and durability. 

Natural latex lends this resilience to any user sleeping on top of it. The resilience leads to a feeling on buoyancy as you sleep on top of a natural latex mattress. Natural latex pushes you upwards which ensures you are sleeping on top of a mattress all the time. This ensures a user does not get the stuck in a mud kind of feeling in a Natural latex mattress.

Stuck in a mud feeling ultimately leads to restrictive blood circulation as you sleep through the night. Thus, as you wake up from a mattress which is too soft for you, you tend to experience pain. On the other hand, if the mattress surface is too hard, that too leads to a feeling of pain due to muscle fatigue.

Natural latex mattress combines the best of both worlds. While it is firm and the resilience ensures zero sinkage, the Natural latex is not hard thereby fine balancing comfort and good health as you sleep on it.

A good natural latex mattress is made with ECO and OEKO certified natural latex which provides assurance of its purity. The centrifuge is well mixed and is of highest density of 90D Latex or 80D Latex. As the density comes down, the natural latex mattress becomes softer.


Natural latex by nature is also hypoallergenic. And being a natural product, a natural latex mattress ensures a chemical free, germ free sleeping experience.

Natural latex is also cool. Made with pin core technology, which ensures there is air circulatation in the natural latex mattress and the body heat of the user is not trapped in the surface.

Natural latex also has motion isolation which ensures a user’s sleep is not affected by movements of the sleeping partner. At the same time, being on top of the surface ensures a user can shift across multiple sleeping positions without restrictions.

The qualities of resilience, buoyancy and firmness without being hard makes Natural Latex mattress an ideal Ortho mattress.

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