Kozynap Natural Latex Mattress: Best Orthopedic mattress comfort layer

Kozynap Natural Latex Mattress are made with the purest form of Natural latex. The Natural Latex used in Kozynap mattresses are derived from Rubber plantations in Kerala. These are then processed and made available in their highest densities and natural purity.

Natural Latex has supreme resilience qualities which ensures minimal sagging. Any individual sleeping on a Natural Latex mattress, is sleeping on top of the mattress without sinking in. This ensures natural movements as you shift through multiple sleeping positions in the night. This also ensures that blood circulation is not impeded in any part of back thereby making natural latex mattress as one of the best Ortho Mattress.

The Natural Latex used in Kozynap mattress is of 96% purity. The natural latex is lab test for its purity. The purity is certified by two renowned global agencies, ECO and OEKO.

Pin Core technology with small holes across a latex sheet ensures a breathability in the Natural latex mattress. Being a natural product, Natural latex mattress also ensures that a person is sleeping in a chemical free environment.

Our Natural Latex mattresses are of the highest densities of 90D and 80D ensuring that the intrinsic strengths of Natural rubber are in tact and can be felt during usage. Natural latex at high densities are firm and resilient without being hard. Thus, there is minimum sinkage. This ensures that while the mattress is good for back, it does not feel hard.    

Natural latex mattress are available in varying thicknesses. Most effective varieties are ones where Latex is used as a Top layer with 1” to 2” thickness. These latex mattress lends a buoyancy to the user when they sleep on it. Nature Pro, Kozynap’s 2 inch Natural Latex mattress, feels a little hard on the surface but is an excellent product for the back since it provides the ultimate buoyancy experience of Natural Latex.