Kozynap: Keep your back healthy with our Ortho Mattresses

Welcome to Kozynap, the ultimate destination for choosing mattresses which are not just good for your health, but come at attractive prices. At Kozynap, we deeply appreciate that sleep and restful hours in the night are key to a healthy and fulfilling life. We spend 8 hours a day, almost one third of our life in a mattress.

Every individual has unique set of requirements in mattresses. With this in mind, Kozynap offers a wide variety of mattresses which cater to needs of every individual across age group, physicality (height and weight), budget and back problems. Every mattress that we offer is made and manufactured as per your individual preference for mattress.

Kozynap delves into a deep discussion with you to understand the type of mattress which would fulfil your need and a mattress is crafted as per your needs. Since the mattresses are made as per your individual needs, and with quality inputs in every mattress that we make, our mattresses are good for back Ortho mattress.

Now you no longer need to search online for Ortho Mattress or be confused about which mattress is an Ortho Mattress. Our team of experts discuss and explain in detail all possible combination of mattresses with you, which one is suitable for you and why. So, that you can make an informed decision on the mattress which would be the ideal Ortho Mattress for you.

Our processes, material selection, and team orientation is geared up towards offering you that perfect Ortho mattress and a good sleep to you. Talk to us and choose from a wide array of mattresses including Natural Latex Mattress, Memory Foam mattress, Spring Mattress, Foam mattress, Bonded foam mattress etc.

Natural Latex mattresses

Our range of Natural latex mattresses provide the ideal balance of comfort, firmness and minimal sinking. Natural latex used in our mattresses is ECO and OEKO certified, are of highest densities (80D and 90D), and are 96% natural. Our natural latex has pin cores which promises breathability in our natural latex mattresses promising a comfortable and cosy sleeping experience. 

Since natural latex mattresses have a natural buoyancy which ensures you sleep on top of the mattress and do not sink in, these are very good for back Ortho mattress for most individuals.

Bonded Foam based Mattresses

Our bonded foam based mattresses are a great choice for slightly overweight and overweight people looking for a back support and an Ortho mattress. Made with fragments of pure foam and processed in extreme pressure, these Bonded Foam mattress are perfect for ensuring perfect and healthy back alignment through the night.

Memory Foam mattresses and PU Foam mattresses

A range of high quality pure foam mattresses and memory foam mattresses which are easy on the pocket and are easy to set up since they are compressed in box form. Our range of foam mattresses offers you the best price mattresses and can be delivered anywhere across India.

Spring Mattresses for Hotels

We provide a range of spring mattress for Hotels. Made with pocketed coils of premium grade steel, and carefully encased from all sides, these mattresses provide ultimate comfort to guests. At the same time, these are economical and ensure minimal capital outflow for hotel owners.

If you are looking for Hotel mattresses, reach us and discuss with us. In addition to spring mattresses, we also provide bed linen, pillows, cushions, duvet etc to ensure a comprehensive soft furnishing solution for hotels.

Online Consultation and Home Visits

Talk to our team of mattress experts to understand which mattress is ideal for you and provides best back support. The mattress experts will understand your need in finer details and would suggest your mattresses which are best suited to your lifestyle.

In cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata, we also provide home visit and consultation. Book a free Home Visit with us to get a first hand feel of the quality of materials that go inside our mattresses. Now, you have the choice what kind of materials (latex, foam, bonded foam, memory foam) that you would want in your mattresses.